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The ETC Musicians


Ed Taylor

Ed Taylor is an Auckland guitarist originally raised in Ohope Beach (Bay Of Plenty). Ed moved to Auckland shortly after High School where he completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Auckland in 1994. In 1996 he attended the Auckland University School Of Music majoring in Classical Guitar Performance, which he completed in 1999.

In 1997 Ed placed first in the Auckland Classical Guitar Competition.


Between 2000-2004 Ed studied jazz guitar privately with some of N.Z's finest jazz musicians and played professionally in a variety of jazz groups around Auckland and Melbourne. More recently he has played in folk, pop and country bands, finally creating the Ed Taylor Collective in 2019.

Ed started writing songs about 10 years ago and has had success in international song competitions including placing 3rd in a competition run by Te Papa (Museum of N.Z) and being a semi finalist in the ‘USA International Songwriting Comp.’ He also had wrote a song which reached no.7 on the Maori Radio charts in 2015.

Aside from music, Ed is also an artist and a father of twin 13 year old boys. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Sandra for 20 years.


Ed's Crew

All of the people I have recruited to play for the E.T.C are performers and friends who I have played with in a variety of settings over the years. They are some of NZ’s finest musicians.

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Rachel Clarke - Vocals

I met Rachel Clarke in Dec 2019. I was wandering through the local shopping mall with my son trying to buy Christmas presents, when I heard the voice of an angel singing Christmas carols. After listening to a few songs, I approached Rachel and we started talking. I then offered her some work as I was looking for another singer to join me at a bar which I performed at each week. She agreed and we have performed together regularly since this time.

Rachel is a young lady ( 20 years old ), with an incredibly pure voice and a truthful, restrained performance style. She completed a BMus in 2020 at Auckland Uni, studying jazz vocal performance and is also an accomplished guitar player. A true talent !!!

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Nick Jones - Violin & Keys

Nick has been a friend of mine for almost 10 years, and is one of the most brilliant musicians I have ever met. I first hired Nick for an acoustic album I recorded in 2013 when he was recommended by a friend.


Once I heard Nick play I was blown away. This guy is a true ‘monster’. Not only does he play violin brilliantly, but he was also a concert classical pianist and can sing well and play bass.


He has studied classical music and jazz, and is an amazing country and folk player.

For this project Nick has done all the violin parts on the songs as well as some organ and piano sections


Aside from music, Nick is a funny, wild guy who loves to party and get up to mischief. He is a real character.

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Mike Booth - Sound engineer, Trumpet, Keyboard & Percussion

I met Mike about 5 years ago when we became involved in a group called ‘Wakakura’. He is a true legend of N.Z trumpet and has been a lecturer at Auckland Uni and an international touring artist with numerous groups.

I approached Mike to help me with this project early in 2020 and I was blown away when he agreed. Not only will he add his beautiful trumpet and organ playing but he also offered to record the E.T.C album at his home studio in Grey Lynn. It is amazing to have someone of his musicianship and experience to help me in this process. Thank you soooo much Mike !!!!!


Manuela - Vocals

At the end of 2019 I was looking for singers to play with me at a regular gig I have in New Market. Finally, I came across a talented young Colombian singer/guitarist called Manuela and I invited her to play a few gigs with me. We have been playing together ever since.

Manuela immigrated to N.Z with her family as a young child and became involved with music at an early age, particularly at High School. In 2018 she completed a music degree at the University of Auckland in vocal performance. Manuela has an incredibly emotional voice and is a vibrant performer. She may be small but she has a large presence.


James Ray - Vocals

At the end of 2019 I began to write the M&C Shuffle for the line dancing ladies at the Howick RSA. For the vocals I needed someone who had that American country style. My friend Nick Jones suggested James Ray.


James is a real-life cowboy from the US who ended up in NZ over 10 years ago and now lives in Te Awamutu. The recording session went so well that I invited James to play with me on several other occasions, and hopefully there will be more in the future. 


Cameron McArthur - Bass

When I was looking for double bass players for this project my friend Mike Booth recommended Cameron to me.  He is one of Auckland’s finest jazz players and is in constant demand throughout NZ. It was a real pleasure working with him on this project.


Hayden Wharewaka - Drums

I first met Hayden in 2016 when I was playing in the group Wakakura. We used Hayden for a recording session, and I was so impressed that he has been my go-to drummer ever since. Hayden has played for some of NZ’s most famous groups and he is also a lovely kind guy

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